Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh, the things they say...

We constantly have "blog moments" out on the road, and I wish I had time to document all of them. There were two that happened this Sunday that I just couldn't pass up though. As I've shared before, the kids say things or sometimes hear things in a different way since their first language isn't English...it keeps us laughing.

Let me set the stage for the first story. We always have concerts at 2 churches on Sundays, which means meals from 2 different churches. We usually eat a late lunch and then an early dinner. This past Sunday, our morning church served ziti and ravioli, which everyone enjoyed. Then we get to our evening church and they are serving spaghetti (also good, just a lot of pasta for one afternoon). Without any complaining, the kids take their spaghetti and start eating.

About 10 minutes into the meal, Wilber comes up to me and one of our chaperones looking very concerned. Holding out his plate of about half-eaten spaghetti, he looks up with an almost tearful voice and simply says, "The end?"

We lost it! Normally he would have had to eat a little more, but because of that priceless comment, he didn't have to eat another bite!

The second blog worthy moment came later that night after the service. Now keep in mind that the kids had done 4 services that day, so they were tired. Plus, we had lost an hour of sleep the night before thanks to the time change. The youth group invited the kids to hang out with them in the gym while our guys tore down the sound. It was pretty chaotic, but everything was going well...until Suzan took Matia's ball. She should have known who she was messing with. He had no choice in his tired state, and he did the only thing he knew to do...he hauled off and hit her! After a thorough examination, we knew Suzan was going to be fine, so I called Matia over to have a talk. This was our conversation:

me: "Matia, you know we don't hit, especially girls!"
(I'm really getting through to him)

Matia, feeling awful for what he had done: "What about boys?"

me: "No Matia, we don't hit ANYONE, but ESPECIALLY girls"
(because emphasizing it will help him understand and feel a little bit of remorse)

Matia: "They are NOT special!"

Like I said, it had been a long day! (Good thing his head was down, because I was laughing by that point.)


Rachel said...

That is great! I love that girls aren't special. :) You must continue telling us about all of your hilarious moments on the road!!

Taylor and Jay said...

Sounds like Matia has come a long way- ha ha ha!

Greta said...

That must be kind of hard to explain...and even more difficult to understand!

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