Saturday, March 14, 2009

The brutal truth...oh the things they say- part 2

So we were in the church lobby getting some things done while waiting for the host family meeting yesterday. Since we had some extra time, I decided to get all the kids together for a "manner meeting" before they headed out for the weekend. One thing we were reviewing was what to say when a host family asks the kids what they would like to do. Jonathan quickly spoke up and explained, "last time the host family asked me what I wanted to do and I just said, 'anything,' and then the host family said, 'ok, we will wash the car'." Without missing a beat, Francis looks over to Jonathan and says, "That's what we call a joke!"

Before I share another story I must say up front that our chaperone, Jennifer, gave me permission to share this. Sooo...

Not long after the "manner meeting," Blanca (our youngest little Guatemalan girl) was sitting with Auntie Jennifer. She was looking at her face and suddenly blurts out, "Auntie, you have only one booger!" She announced it as if it was some kind of great accomplishment. You know it's always the worst when you look in the mirror only to find that nobody told you that you had a booger. I think Blanca's approach was great. Next time I see somebody with a biv (booger in view), I think I am just going to politely say, "excuse me, you have only one booger."


Rachel said...

TOO cute!!

I can't help but think how Blanca might utilize this approach to "softball" other statements. . .

"You're only 100 pounds overweight!!"

"You are prettier than one person I know!"

I like her style!

Steven & Tiffany said...

Haha! Yeah, she's pretty clever! :)

Ann Marie said...

Ha! that's great! Hmmm...but probably wont teach that one in my etiquette classes! :)

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