Monday, November 17, 2008

1 carrot: $.25, 1 bag of oreos: $3.49, the look on their faces: priceless!!

We finally got to see snow! The kids went home with their host families last Sunday night in Erie, Pennsylvania. It was chilly, but nobody was expecting the white stuff. To our surprise, we woke up the next morning and saw the ground was covered. It was the first time that the kids had seen snow in their lives. It was so cute to watch them play in it. The church took all the kids on an outing for the day, so Drew and I decided to build a snowman. Being the over-achievers that we are, we couldn't settle for just a normal sized snow man, so we built a giant one. We made a mad dash to the store to purchase eyes, a nose and mouth before the kids returned from their outing. We went for the traditional carrot for the nose, but finally decided oreos would be the best bargain since they could be the eyes, mouth and buttons. Auntie Ashley's scarf was the final touch.

The kids loved it. As soon as we got pictures, they attacked it and ate every remnant of cookie on the poor guy. This is what he looked like several hours later...notice they didn't eat the carrot.


Deidre said...

Oh my goodness!! The children are SO precious!! I am so glad that you guys have this website to keep all of us informed on what is going on.

I hate that we are going to miss you guys being at SMI!! We are going out of town that weekend. :(

We miss you guys but I know that you are having so much fun being back on the road with all of the kids. Think about you often, praying all is well!

Rachel said...

LOL - that's HILARIOUS! I Can't believe they ate poor Frosty's Eyes, mouth, and buttons!!! You need to give those kids more cookies!! :D

Ann Marie said...

that's awesome!! i'm so glad theygot some snow fun!!
great job on the snowman!

Peyton said...

how exciting!!! i love it!!

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