Saturday, October 25, 2008

hay pickin' at the pumpkin patch

It was a pretty morning on Friday, so we all loaded up and headed for "Circle S Farms" in Grove City, OH. After all, what better way for the kids to experience the fall season than a trip to a pumpkin patch and a hayride? To allow more time at the farm, we decided to grab lunch and do a picnic there. We made a McDonald's run (side-note: we only do McD's on "special" occasions) and headed out for fun. On our way, it started sprinkling. No problem...we were committed, and there was no turning back. We opted to do the hayride first in case it started raining harder. It was lots of fun driving through pumpkin-filled fields, and the kids were even satisfied staying on the tractor just looking at the pumpkins. We were thankful for that since we didn't want them to get filthy. Where would we put 13 pumpkins anyways?

Well, we made it through the hayride...a little damp from the drizzle, but still clean and happy. The plan was to go through the corn maze next, but the kids spotted the hay barn where the tractor dropped us off. It was filled with stacks of hay they could climb and jump on, and the ground was covered with loose hay that came up to their knees. There were also big slides inside, so how could we refuse? Since it was under a roof, the hay was dry...the kids however, were not. They ran, jumped, slid, and rolled in the hay. We had a blast! After about 30 minutes of pure hay inhalation, we lined the kids up and assessed the damage...remember that whole idea of not getting filthy? Not a chance...there was hay everywhere! We brushed off what we could and headed for the the next thing. By this time, the rain was coming down a little harder, so all the hay that was left on us (which was a lot) was now stuck for sure!

Needless to say, we didn't do the corn maze. Instead, we headed for the food tent and enjoyed homemade doughnuts and apple juice. We spent the rest of our time there, picking hay off of everyone. So, we didn't pick even one pumpkin on our trip to the pumpkin patch, but have you ever tried to pick hay out of little Ugandan fros? That was hours of fun!
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Rachel said...

Hey Tiffany! Glad to find your blog! We are looking forward to keeping up with your adventures this year!! The children are ADORABLE!!

They all have a story...

This year's children came to us all the way from Nepal, Uganda and the Philippines. Most of them come from children's homes, but they all have a story of trials that God has brought them through. Some of them have faced things in their young lives that most of us won't face in a lifetime. We praise the Lord for the ministries that love and care for these kids, and most importantly, are teaching them what it means to live for Christ. These children are the future Christian leaders to some of the most unreached areas of our world. We are so blessed to be able to disciple them and have them here as missionaries to the U.S. this year.

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